Knowledge Maturing Consulting Network

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The Knowledge Maturing Consulting Network provides tailored services to organizations in various sectors. Its members are experienced consultants who cooperate to provide the best value to their customers.

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Christine Kunzmann
Graham Attwell
Pontybridd, UK, and Bremen, Germany

John Cook
University of West England
Bristol, UK

Knut Hinkelmann
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Olten, Switzerland
Josef Hofer-Alfeis
Amontis Consulting
Teresa Holocher-Ertl
Vienna, Austria
Pablo Franzolini
Barcelona, Spain
Christine Kunzmann
Kompetenzen gestalten
Königsbach-Stein, Germany
Ronald Maier
University of Innsbruck
René Peinl
Hof University of Applied Sciences
Andreas P. Schmidt
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Michael Wyrsch
Wyrsch & Partner

What do we offer?

Knowledge Maturing Discovery WorkshopKnowledge Maturing Discovery Workshop
Knowledge Maturing Barriers Workshop
Knowledge Maturing Innovation Creation Workshop
Knowledge Maturing Architecture Assessment & Design Workshop


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