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10 Years Anniversary of Knowledge Maturing Model at I-KNOW 2015

At this year's I-KNOW 2015 conference, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first knowledge maturing model publication with an invited special track on Social Knowledge Management. Ronald Maier and Andreas Schmidt, supported by Christine Kunzmann have organized the special track.

For this special occasion, we have created a collection of key publications and other materials. You can either get it on a stick at I-KNOW in Graz or here as a zip package. It contains the latest version of the model, but also its applications to various domain, ranging from ontologies, competencies, software engineering to design pattern development processes.

Read the summary of the track with photos of the presenters and organizers and the slides


Why you should care

Success depends on how quickly an organization can adapt to a changing environment. Too often the potential and creativity of employees are not made use of because emerging topics are not taken up and learning processes are not channelled towards shared goals.

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What it is about

Knowledge maturing is a new perspective on knowledge development at the workplace. It looks at how individual activities and learning processes contribute to overall progress of the organization, its innovativenes and agility. It unveils barriers where this doesn’t happen. And it shows ways to overcome them.

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What we offer

We have developed methods and instruments for diagnosing your organization’s major problems. We can show you approaches, offer you tools, and provide you consulting to address these problems. And we will help you measure the success. All of this based on more than four years of extensive research and practical experience with international partners.

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