Teresa Holocher-Ertl


  ZSI – Centre of Social InnovationLinke Wienzeile 2461150 ViennaAustria


Teresa Holocher-Ertl is researcher at ZSI- Centre for Social Innovation, in Vienna. In her latest work she focused on the motivation to learn at the workplace, investigating how different motivational theories can be applied in the practical workplace context making use of innovative technologies.

Prior to her involvement in European research projects she worked in the private sector in several projects related to the computer-supported communication and learning at the workplace. Thus she experienced the aspects of technology enhanced learning from both, the researchers’ as well as practitioners’ point of view.

In her work she follows the participatory design approach, involving those people who will use a future technology also in the design of it.

This approach helps to analyse motivational barriers and drivers for learning in heterogeneous work environments and identify motivational concepts and strategies that can best be applied in different workplace settings.