Knowledge Maturing Discovery Workshop

In a nutshell

This workshop is designed to be an introduction to the knowledge maturing perspective to jointly explore the potentials for further activities. Its results unveil concrete priorities for action that can be addressed in subsequent activities.

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Andreas P. Schmidt


Knowledge maturing offers a new perspective on how knowledge, learning, and innovation takes place within an organization. Lack of new innovative products, lack of transfer from web 2.0 discussion results into product improvements, diiminishing competitive advantage and not meeting shareholder expectations can all be symptoms of dysfunctional knowledge processes. The knowledge maturing perspective allows to analyze specific problem situations and pin down company specific focus areas that need improvement.

When to apply?

If collaboration within your organization does not work properly, if idea management does not yield sufficient innovation, if interesting ideas get stuck along the way to its implementation, your company requires an analysis of your knowledge processes.


  • Learn about potential of the knowledge maturing perspective
  • Learn about interdependencies of operative processes, knowledge processes and competency development processes
  • Get a clearer view of problem areas and derive an action plan


  • Introduction into knowledge maturing and the knowledge maturing phase model
  • Discussion of pratical experience/example case studies and relate them to the company context
  • Analysis of the problems of the company
  • Conclusions for further steps