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Michael Wyrsch


Knowledge Maturing is a goal-oriented development of collective knowledge and to convert them in measurable benefits. The Knowledge Maturing Innovation Creation Workshop allows companies and groups to discover their current potential of Innovation capabilities.

When to apply?

Most companies do not have the capabilities or the organisational elements to implement a full scale Innovation environment or the innovation activities are not connected to the Knowledge Maturing environment. Hence the workshop is a simple way to introduce innovation in a Knowledge Maturing environment and make the workshop attendees capable to innovate by applying proven methods and techniques.


The workshop enables the attendees to carry out innovation creation activities within the company. The workshop makes them:

  • able to understand unnovation
  • capable to apply the used Innovation methods

and creates the basis to implement innovation into the product and service creation of you company.

Having a proven innovation approach will result in better products and speeds up the creation of new and advanced products and services.


The Knowledge Maturing Innovation Creation workshop will be held normally with selected key people out of the organisation representing the whole value chain. The workshop will be held onsite and contains the following parts:

  • Introduction on knowledge maturing and Overview
  • Selection of the Innovation topic (Knowledge Maturing area)
  • Innovation Journey in the selected area
  • Reflecting the results
  • Sketch an implementation approach

Main deliverables are a the results of the workshop containing a real innovation idea and the methodology to run further Innovation Creation workshops.

DURATION 1-2 days