Knowledge Maturing Implementation Assessment & Design Workshop

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Michael Wyrsch


The workshop allows companies and groups to discover their current situation of knowledge maturing by comparing the already implemented tools and techniques against the Knowledge Maturity Model and practices of other firms.

When to apply?

There are several indicators that it would be appropriate to carry out the workshop. Some of them are:

  • You are not sure how the knowledge flow works and what the benefits of all learning effort is.
  • You have the impression that there should be more visible output of the current learning and knowledge of the company.
  • You want to analyse the current environment to improve the overall throughput and creation of new products & services.
  • You have heard about Knowledge Maturing and want to find out how this model can be applied to your environment.


The workshop will show you your environment compared against the Knowledge Maturing Model and other firms. This means after the Assessment part you will have a clear picture about:

  • Your current situation
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improvement areas
  • Possible effects for your customers

In the Design phase the current setup of knowledge maturing will be redesigned with the help of the Knowledge Maturing Model. This high level design create a map of the future state, including the already implemented parts. This map shows the actual need for actions to implement new and harmonize the current elements.

With the results of this workshop you are able to plan, implement and run an efficient Knowledge Maturing environment that impacts your business results in a positive way.


The Knowledge Maturing Innovation Creation workshop will be held normally with selected key people out of the organisation representing the whole value chain. The workshop will be held onsite and contains the following parts:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to th Knowledge Maturing Model
  • Expected results
  • Assessment
    • Mapping of the current environment
    • Gap analysis
    • Comparison
  • Design
    • Fill up of the Knowledge Maturing Model for the company
    • Walkthrough of the Maturing Process
    • Interface analysis
  • Action points collection
  • Conclusion and next steps

Main deliverables are a Knowledge Maturing Map of the current situation and the Action points collection.