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Based on the concept of knowledge maturing, a wide variety of services is offered, ranging from small to large-scale consultancy, via open source tools and their adaptation to reusable services that can be used on-premise or as a SaaS offering.

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Andreas P. Schmidt

Consultancy & training

The knowledge maturing model is not only well-founded from a research perspective, but it has also been proven to be practically useful and relevant. Our team consists of experienced experts who have already applied the knowledge maturing model and its associated instruments to customer problems in sectors like financial services, construction industry, information technology, training, and career guidance. These experts have formed a consultant network which combines the various focus areas of each of them, ranging from technical perspectives, via human resources development to strategic perspectives.


Within the context of supporting knowledge maturing, a set of novel tools have been developed that are available to the community as open source. We offer consultancy and development services for customizing to a specific company context and operating these tools as a Software-as-a-Service offering.

Reusable services

In addition to individual tools, reusable services are available that can be used for specific projects. These services make knowledge maturing traceable, provide maturity-aware recommendations, and are the basis for scaffolding knowledge maturing activities.